New York City Travel Tips

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New York City Travel Tips
28 July 2015

Cool, cosmopolitan, crowded, constantly evolving … the Big Apple blends big-city splendor with small-town charm. Amid Gotham's iconic landmarks and towering skyscrapers, you'll experience a vibrant culture permeating each of the city's distinctive neighborhoods and boroughs. Follow trendsetters to the East Village and Brooklyn to check out indie boutiques, iconic bakeries and trendy coffee shops. Afterward, peruse the racks of the sleek shops lining Fifth Avenue, admire the cutting-edge art collections at the MoMa and the Met, catch a memorable show on Broadway or sit down for a meal at the latest "it" restaurant.

As the most populous city in the U.S. — set at the forefront of food, fashion and the arts — NYC requires stamina. But don't let the Big Apple's frenetic sights and sounds intimidate you from soaking up its grandeur. Wander through the concrete jungle and you'll discover roaring taxicabs pouring down bustling blocks, fast-paced pedestrians whizzing past on their way to marquee galleries and innovative cocktail bars and Times Square's neon lights flickering at all hours. And yet, the city's twinkling lights and chaotic corners also invite you to embrace every New York minute, explore every flourishing enclave and create your own urban adventure. There are virtually endless ways to occupy your time in the city that never sleeps, but before you leave, stop and look around — what's here today will be transformed into something bigger and better tomorrow.

Keep in Mind...

Exercise street smarts
If you're a high roller with a thick wallet, Fifth and Madison avenues are your shopping strips. Bargain-hunters however should stick to SoHo.

Enter the subway with caution
Many subway stations have different platforms for trains going uptown and downtown. Make sure you enter the correct platform before swiping your ticket through the turnstiles.

Skip the train
If you live in a major East Coast city, chances are you'll be to reach New York City for a relatively affordable price by hopping on the BoltBus or Megabus, two companies that transfer visitors to NYC for cheap.

How To Save Money in New York City

Say yes to cabs or limo
A cab here, a limo there …  Yes, they're convenient and cost-efficient or learn the subway system.

Say yes to street vendors
Eat some cheap meals on the street at vendors, especially the ones with "Vendy Awards" posted, and you can put the money you would've spent on an expensive lunch toward your MoMA admission.

Say maybe to the TKTS booth
If you're willing to spend an hour of your New York City vacation waiting in the half-price ticket booth in Times Square, you could save some serious money on a Broadway show.

New York City Culture & Customs

New York City is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. So it should come as no surprise that it's also one of the most diverse. The city is known for its ethnic neighborhoods, as well as its status as the country's trendsetter, making it difficult to define one specific "culture" of the Big Apple. As home to the most vibrant theater and fashions scenes in the country and a large contingent of schools and Wall Street on top of that, NYC also shelters a large gay community as well as many students, artists, fashionistas, writers, businessmen and so on.

Stereotypically, New Yorkers are portrayed as brash, knowledgeable and friendly. But as TriBeca Limo explains, "New Yorkers are unfailingly proud of their great city, and this pride can, at times, come off as arrogance." Contrary to popular belief, most New Yorkers are happy to help you explore their home.