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21 June 2015 Luxury brand endorsements in popular song lyrics may influence purchases

Luxury brands that are endorsed by being mentioned in lyrics of popular songs likely see more brand awareness among younger consumers and may see an increase in purchases due to star influence. A number of brands such as Michael Kors, Tom Ford, Versace, Richard Mille, Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and others have been mentioned in hip-hop, rap, pop and rock songs that have topped the charts. By being mentioned in these lyrics, musicians are giving an organic endorsement of a brand that may encourage consumers to buy certain brands instead of others. “Popular song lyrics help to create aspirational consumers and embed ideas of social norms and goals to be pursued and achieved,” said Kelly Cooper, marketing manager for ShopIgniter, Portland, OR. “Mentions in music is a form of product placement as it has the potential to build awareness among current and new audiences, strengthen brand recognition as well as influence memory and purchase intentions,” she said. “Also, in this form, it is integrated into the medium at such a level that it doesn’t come across as a promotion or advertisement.

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